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ALINTA GRANITO PVT. LTD. has well-qualified and competent managerial staff. Roles and responsibilities of staff are clearly established. ALINTA GRANITO has been well appreciated by rating agencies for having a strong human resource team and productive work environment. ALINTA GRANITO offers a challenging, collegial work environment and attractive opportunities for long-term growth. The company appreciates people by rewarding performance. ALINTA GRANITO has a process of performance appraisal which forms the basis for appropriate recognition. The top management is strongly committed to continuously upgrade the quality and skills of our people. Training and Development at all levels is given adequate importance in the organisation.

Job Opportunities

ALINTA GRANITO seeks to employ intelligent and experienced individuals who will fuel the organization’s future growth. We frequently look for professional staff for Head Office operations and local staff for branch offices. ALINTA GRANITO also hires individual consultants and consulting firms for a wide range of assignments in areas of HR, risk management, finance, internal controls, marketing, data analysis, etc. Individual consultants whether hired directly or through organizations, provide expert advise and help company to prepare studies, appraisals, and reports.

Available jobs

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