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Alinta Granite Pvt. Ltd. a reputed manufacturer and exporter of technically-advanced vitrified- Porcelain tiles, providing an expansive range of vitrified tile for home and commercial interiors. Alinta a private limited company is established in 2015 at the western-Indian ceramic hub of Morbi (Gujarat) India. With the modern manufacturing facilities, Production unit is technically supported by SACMI, a recognized worldwide leader of manufacturing machines and complete plants for Ceramics industry.

Exclusivity in design and exquisite finishes defines the Alinta as Best products offerings. Use of quality-certified raw materials and innovative - modern technology, Tiles produces in Alinta are the best blend of stylish designs and productive long lasting strength. With the newfangled ideas, we assure and able to create consolidation of Beauty, Style & Quality in Vitrified Tiles which will drive you to the luxuries way...

Promoters of Alinta Granito are young, dynamic and have been operating ceramic manufacturing units since the 90’s. To reach the global scenario, Alinta Granito is offering wide collection to the building and construction industries. New era of innovative technology and quality base materials requirements of customer drives Alinta to become a successful producer in Indian ceramic industry.
We assure to provide excellence service and qualitative models which represent latest trends, beautiful and dashing home furnishing. We are appreciating to serve our all valuable customer by all of their Ceramic need.

We invite you to join leading network of ALINTA TILES….!!! We hearty are welcoming all to be a part of colourful, dynamic and enthusiastic ceramic player – ALINTA tiles…!!!


Commitment to provide technologically-advanced, aesthetically designed, high-strength and premium quality vitrified tiles which satisfy commercial as well residential customer needs to the global market.


Willingness towards the enhancement of life style and passionately strive to delight every customer of ALINTA by providing innovative and quality products and services as ongoing basis and to become a most sought after brand.

Competence powered by modernism

Alinta’s strength lies in pioneering technology, which is recognized in international markets. A technical collaboration with SACMI group, an Italian global company which invests in innovative technology based of research and development, ensures that Alinta’s ultra-modern plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery.

While the current production utilization is 10,000 m2 ultra-tech vitrified tiles per day giving us ample capacity to meet with bulk-size orders from our clientele, the plant also has an expansion capacity reserve of more than 30,000 m2 per day to be utilized in the near future.

While a vast and spacious warehouse provides with ample storage capacity for storing the products with optimum safety, a state-of-the-art testing facility is equipped with high-end testing equipment that can validate the strength, resistance and durability features of the tiles produced.

Quality Policy
Excellence ensured by values

One of the core values and the founding mission of Alinta are to provide high-quality products, which perfectly meet the requirements and specifications of customers. Alinta strives for excellence by providing products that fulfil the demand of our valuable customers. R&D department of Alinta is been always ready to improve quality and reliability with the help of an effective quality management system. While ever aging the extended and successful experience of the ceramic industry of the group, Alinta takes responsibility to be up to date with the market advancements by employing the right resources and complying with all requirements of a healthy work place.

Alinta continuously endeavours to maintain exacting international standards of procurement, production and quality testing. The modern testing facilities are equipped to qualify every tile by its length, thickness, straightness, shape and surface. Every tile is also tested for its hardness, water absorption, flexural strength and abrasion resistance. Other technical specifications checked include skid resistance, breaking strength, density, frost resistance, chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, colour resistance, thermal expansion, stain resistance, moisture expansion and glossiness. Each and every step towards quality is in very sophisticated and technical way that gives a new standard to best quality tile.


ALINTA GRANITO PVT. LTD. Technology for contented experience

ALINTA GRANITO has always remained a front runner in adopting and exploiting newer and more advanced technologies. Its sprawling new and ultramodern ceramic tile plant based at MORBI, just 184 km away from MUDRA PORT (INDIA) is a candid example of this. The fully automated integrated ceramic tile plant is built in technical collaboration with world leaders 'SACMI of Italy. It offers the largest start-up capacity for manufacturing endless varieties of high-quality world-class Ceramic tiles - for low traffic, medium traffic and high abrasion areas. With advanced technology and exact quality control measures that guarantee product quality in terms of perfect uniformity of size, dimension, colour, pattern etc., fully automated ALINTA GRANITO plant makes every ALINTA GRANITO product an unparalleled piece of top-notch quality, perfect finish and lasting endurance. ALINTA GRANITO have redefined the image and position of Indian products in the quality-sensitive International market.

Plant capacity

The present capacity of the company is to produce daily 10000 sq.mtrs. of ceramic floor tiles, and 15000 sq.mtrs. of vitrified polished tiles. Leading manufacturers and exporters of Vitrified & ceramic tiles in India. Modern machines-pack plants for quality production and supply of ceramic tiles. A new modern plant at MORBI, GUJARAT, INDIA established in collaboration with the leading machine manufacturing companies of countries like Italy & Germany.

Factory Premises : 1,90,000 sq. Mt

Three Ball Mills : Capacity 360 M.Ton

Kiln : 180 Mtr.,

World’s Best SACMI Technology Kiln Set

Press : 5211 Ton

ALINTA GRANITO Has SACMI Set of Latest Technology Presses that have Produced 600X600mm, 800x800mm, 1200mmX900mm and 1000mmx1000mm.

Dico Planner :

India's First Automized Quality Checking Machine Set

Spray Dryer :

We have four different spray dryer with a capacity of
- 450 T.P.D. - 200 T.P.D.
- 120 T.P.D. - 100 K.G / Hour.
Because of these technologies we can produce maximum and minimum Number of bodies and colours at any time.

Products Information

  • Excellant Quality Standard:
    Alinta vitrified tiles offer most outstanding technical features to ensure optimum benefits to the customers.
  • International accredition and National Certifications:
    ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.
  • Latest Technology:
    Composition of raw materials such as imported ball clay from Ukraine, combined with latest production technology from Italy in one of the most accurate temperature controlled Kilns in India up to 1200° C makes Euro tiles completely vitrified with almost
  • Extra Strength & Long Life:
    Alinta Vitrified tiles score over other flooring options like marble and stone in many ways. With high Modules of Rupture they have high strength and high resistant to stain and scratches.
  • High accuracy of Physical properties:
    Alinta Granito ensures that the size and the flatness of each Alinta Granito vitrified tiles are according to the most stringent EN standards by having the computerized size and flatness sorting system. Because of this consistency and thickness, Alinta Granito Tiles can be laid in a simple and fast manner without worrying about colour, size variation or warpage.
  • Great look and Variety of Designs and Shades:
    The wide range of finishes and colours with appearance of natural stones, combined with the technical performance of solid hard-wearing material which is resistant to stains, abrasion, heavy loads etc. make Euro Alinta Granito vitrified tiles ideal choice for all around tiling solutions and winner of Mega show Trophies.

Certificate & Awards

ALINTA GRANITO PVT. LTD. is committed to manufacture and supply product of consistently high and reliable quality to meet and / or exceed the customer’s expectation and special needs with accepted international standards of Quality, Safety and Reliability.

All ALINTA GRANITO PVT. LTD. products have warranty to the consumer against defects in material & workmanship. Alinta Granito will replace, free of charge during this warranty period, any tile that proves defective in material and / or workmanship under normal installation, use & service. Replacement tiles can be obtained from local authorized Alinta Granito dealer or distributor. Staff will be happily available to offer advice on any Inquiry.


Technical Specification

ALINTA GRANITO PVT. LTD. Technical Specification

No. Characteristics Standard as per ISO 13006/ EN 14411 Group Bla Alinta Granito Value Test Method
A. Dimension & Surface Quality
1 Deviation in Length & Width ± 0.5% ± 0.1% ISO 10545-2
2 Deviation in Thickness ± 5% ± 2.0% ISO 10545-2
3 Straightness of Size ± 0.5% ± 0.1% ISO 10545-2
4 Rectangularity ± 0.5% ± 0.1% ISO 10545-2
5 Surface Flatness ± 0.5% ± 0.1% ISO 10545-2
B. Physical Properties
1 Water Absorption < 0.5% < 0.05% ISO 10545-3
2 Modulus of Rupture Min 35 N/mm2 Min 40 N/mm2 ISO 10545-4
3 Moh's Hardness Min 6 Min 8 EN 101
4 Breaking Strength Min 1300N > 2500N ASTM 648
5 Deep Abrasion Resistance Max 175 mm3 < 132 mm3 ISO 10545-6
6 Skid Resistance (Co-efficient of Friction) >0.4 >0.6 ASTM C-1028
7 Density >2 gm/cc >2.4 gm/cc DIN 51082
8 Thermal shock Resistance No Damage No Damage ISO 10545-9
9 Thermal Expansion Max 9 X 10-6 < 6 X 10-6 ISO 10545-8
10 Frost Resistance No Damage Frost Proof ISO 10545-12
11 Moisture Expansion Nil Nil ISO 10545-10
12 Color Resistance No Damage No Damage ISO 10545-16
13 Glossiness Nil Min 70% Gloss meter
C. Chemical Properties
1 Stain Resistance Resistant Resistant ISO 10545-14
2 Chemicals Resistance No Damage No Damage ISO 10545-13
Norming Size Norminal Thickness No. No. of Tiles Area Coverage / Box Weight (Approx.) Approx Cartons / 24 Contianers Approx Area Per Contianers
605mm X 605mm 9.5 mm 4 per Box 1.465 Sq.Mitrs 30 Kgs. 900 BOX 1318 (Sq.m)


A beautiful floor is considered by many as the most vital element of construction. Is’s what any visitor sees first. And most importantly, once laid, a floor seldom changed. It must therefore not only be beautiful but also retain its beauty for years to come. But floors are subject to the daily grind & rigors of foot traffic and to stains, ink stains, grease, etc. Event the best of the tiles will stains if not maintained. Fortunately the situation is not completely futile; we at new pearl in tandem with leading research laboratories have found solutions for these irritants. ALINTA GRANITO PVT. LTD. are tough and are manufactured to exacting European norms and have been tested to withstand staining as per EN & IS norms. Just the right cleaning methods and your floor can look as spotless years from now as they do today.


NOTE : Certain amount of size, scratch and shade variations are inherent characteristic of ceramic product. The colour exhibited in the catalogue may match exactly. They are as close to the original as printing process allows.

Stains (Created by) Solvents (Turpentine, Acetone, Trichloroethylene, ent. ) Sodium Hypo Chlorite (Naoci) Acids (Hydrochloric Acid) Alkali (sodium hydroxide /potassium Hydroxide )
Beverages Beer
Ink Bell/Felt Pen
Liquid Ink
Marker Ink
Miscellaneous Cement
Edible Oil
Ice Cream

Download Technical Specification


Laying Instructions

  • Before Installation of Tiles
  • The Process of Laying Tiles

Before Installation of Tiles

  • The surfaces were the tiles are to be laid must be properly finished and curing done at least for one week.
  • Care should be taken that iron rods used in concrete are not exposed at any place. If the tiles are laid with exposed iron rods subsequently there may be rust formation and air bubbles that may lift up the tiles.
  • The total area to be covered should be worked out and additional 5% should be included towards wastage/ breakage, it should be ensured that the total quantity required are available from the same batch at site other wise shade variation may occur with different supplies.
  • In case of multistory building it is advisable to order entire quantity of each floor from the same batch in one lot to avoid shade variation.
  • Before fixing the Alinta Granito vitrified tiles lay them in the desired pattern and make sure that they give proper shade and design.
  • Please ensure uniform level, shade and design before fixing the tiles with concrete.

R & D Department

Highest precision to create a product that is class apart

Total in-house R & D makes it possible to have several stringent quality control tests for each product before it bears the Alinta Name and are incessantly innovating and developing new products. We arc in constant touch with Architects, Interior Designers, and Sanitary Consultants & Builders. Their novel concepts have helped Alinta in upgrading technology & product line to attain higher levels of perfection. With specially trained staff, each product is subjected to comprehensive inspection and functional checks. Continuous testing of standard models in line with most important Indian and Overseas standards provide the assurance of absolute safety and reliability. Every step in the production process is subject to our rigorous quality assurance system.


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